18 weeks and been MIA…

I have been a terrible blogger! It been ages since I wrote anything and now I am 18 weeks and 5 days pregnant. Lots of things have been happening. Started out with some terrible morning sickness, which luckily acupuncture helped with. Had the 12 week scan and blood test with everything looking great! S and M announced their happy news to all their family and friends when I was 15 weeks which was really exciting. Just over a week and we have the anatomy scan! Really looking forward to that, as I am sure S and M are too.


In other news I started to feel some movement at 16 weeks. Baby is really active, especially at night! This week (18) I felt movement from the outside with my hand, hoping that means S and M will be able to feel it next time I see them. Hopefully the baby cooperates! With all the movement it seems a lot more real, after feeling pretty surreal for a while there. So happy to be at this point after the journey it took to get here.


Definitely on our way now…

My super sweet IM S, sent me a package that I got today. She knows I adore owls, and got me the most gorgeous owl case and owl key holder things, with a beautiful owl card. Made me cry of course! So very thoughtful of her! I am so blessed to have such wonderful  IP’s! Wish I could figure out how to post a photo!

In other news, I had my first Drs appointment today and got a referral for my first ultrasound! Booked it in for the 3rd Sept as S and M will be up here anyway. Will be exactly 7 weeks. Looking forward to our first peek at their bean. Fingers crossed all goes well, trying to keep any negative, worried thoughts in check. Will be a big relief to get that first ultrasound out of the way!

222 is the magic number!

So yes, I am pregnant! After 2 very long years and two short cycles, it worked! Hard to express exactly how I feel. I am happy of course but it all feels a bit surreal. After all the work that went into this I suppose at times I thought it might never happen. Now that it has it is a little hard to know how to feel. I think it will feel different when it actually sinks in.  I know S and M are feeling much the same way. Despite that today was still one of the best days of my life. I got to tell two wonderful people that their dream for a child will hopefully finally come true. Not many moments in life like that.

Our first ultrasound, all going well should be in three weeks. I think for all of us, things will seem a bit more real then.

Half way!

Time seems to go so slowly when you are waiting for something! Two weeks doesn’t seem so long until you have to wait that long to find out you are pregnant as a surrogate. Have managed stay fairly sane however! Trying to keep busy and my mind off it all. Only a week to go!

IUI #2 went great!

The last IUI was a bit of a mess as they had a few issuesfinding my cervix. Who knew it was lost? Lol! Anyway this time around it went very quickly and smoothly. Even the nurse said it went “perfectly”! Let’s hope we get a perfect result this time around! The nurse was sure to point out that IUI still only had a one in four chance of working, which I knew, so if it doesn’t work out I won’t be horribly disappointed. But it would certainly be nice if it did work out this time. 😉 The BETA is on the 13th, which seems so far away! Hopefully I can keep myself busy until then!

IUI #2 tomorrow!

Had my 3rd tracking blood test this morning. Estrogen was 452, LH was 55 and progesterone was 2. They want to do the IUI in  the morning at 8.30, fingers crossed we get lucky this month! Feeling really good about it! 🙂

Cycle #2 underway!

So I am cycle day 13 and so far I have had two tracking blood tests, one on cycle day 11 and one today. My results on CD11 were, estrogen – 280, LH – 4 and progesterone was 0.5. Today my estrogen was 379, LH – 9, progesterone -0.8. I go back for another blood test on Sunday morning and I feel I will probably have the IUI Sunday afternoon. Otherwise it will be Monday. Feeling very relaxed this time around…